ADDASOUND contact center headsets support all major UC platforms

In addition to the above criteria, the headset has to be comfortable, durable and come with a good warranty. The adapter is flexible, which makes it easy to use with your preferred devices without flipping around. Of course, being able to communicate clearly with the caller means you also have to hear them clearly. ADDASOUND contact center headsets support all major UC platforms. Both corded and wireless headsets have the option. A wireless, Bluetooth headset for use with your mobile phone. Even a headset with “standard” noise cancellation may still pick up enough background noise to be distracting to your caller. RJ9 is a considered a standard connector that many wired phones handsets use to plug into the telephone base itself. Corded headsets range in price from around $50-$110 and are best suited for employees that are in a stationary position during most of their working hours. Headsets are an integral part of all but the smallest call centers, yet little information has been presented that makes the business case for one headset over another. 0 direct plug-in designed to work with office desk phones and any USB device. Because of this, we only recommend models with ultra or enhanced noise cancelation for call center headsets. So you can buy from us with confidence. 5 mm jack is the standard size for music players, personal computers, mobile phones and other portable electronic devices with audio. Our picks for call center headsets meet all these criteria. The headsets we recommend all provide quality speakers to make sure your agents can hear callers easily. Because the wireless signal can vary, it’s generally not a good idea to use wireless headsets with voice recognition software. A DECT wireless headsets has a maximum distance range of about 300ft, but can only be “married’ to their respective base stations. We have sent you an e-mail with your new password to email. Goods might have slight box damage but still fully covered with the manufacturer’s warranty minimum 12 months. Binaural is a two-ear piece headset that is best suited for the staff that needs to concentrate with the least amount of noise distraction. With the number of hours your call center staff spends on the phones, headsets, which are both comfortable and efficient, are something your business should make a priority. We have limited the selection of headsets in this section to those we feel TRULY provide an advantage to call center operators. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and support so you will receive the same if not better support with your products.